Dr. Roberta Sengelmann, MD, FAAD, FACMS

Aging changes - due to sun damages, environmental pollutants, gravity, and time - occurs in all of us to some degree.

Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery seeks to restore and rejuvenate the skin and body with minimally-invasive techniques. Procedures are performed in the office setting with local anesthesia as needed for patient comfort. The goal is to gently enhance beauty, restore harmony, and improve skin health.


Dr. Sengelmann offers:
(office-based procedures)

Minimally-Invasive Rejuvenation:
- Filler: Restylane ®, Restylane Silk ®
  Juvederm ®, Radiesse ®
- Facial Contouring: Sculptra ®
- Botox ®, Dysport ®
- Customized Chemical Peels

Surgical Rejuvenation:
- “Mini” Facelifts
- Neck Liposuction and Lifts
- Eyelid Lifts (Blepharoplasty)
- Lip Lifts

Scare/ Acne Scar/ Revision:
- Subcision Techniques
- Soft Tissue Filling
- Laser Resurfacing
- Dermabrasion
- Scar Excision

Leg Vein Treatment:
- Sclerotherapy

Body Contouring (St. Louis only):
- Tumescent Liposuction
- CoolSculpting by Zeltiq

Laser Surgery for:
- Blood Vessels
- Wrinkles
- Brown Spots


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