Dr. Roberta Sengelmann, MD, FAAD, FACMS

"I thought hard about pursuing a field in plastic surgery - after my father - but I couldn't get comfortable with the idea of my patients being asleep for operations. I truly enjoy the relationships I share with my patients. They are why I show up each day! They keep me humble and they keep me smiling."



Dear Dr. Sengelmann,

I am a "veteran recipent" of Mohs surgery and had anticipated competent, professional treatment from you and your office. What I did receive far exceeded my expectations. My initial meetings with the front desk showed them to be prompt, courteous, efficient, and friendly. The method you use to schedule appointments should be a model for other doctors to use as I did not feel as though I was part of a medical assembly line. You and your great nursing staff took the time to explain the surgical procedure during each step of the process which relieved any anxiety I might have had. I feel as though I had excellent treatment which incuded a large measure of care. Best of all your entire staff appears to have adopted your attitude and style.

Thanks to all!


Dr. Sengelmann is wonderful! She has her heart in her skill as a top notch surgeon.  My visit to her beautiful office exceeded my expectations.  I've worked in the medical profession for over 40 years, it's so refreshing to meet a physician who is everything a patient should need; kind, brilliant, up to date and beyond in treatment options, and highly skilled in their specialty.  Dr Sengelmann has all of these qualities and more. 
I am so thankful to have found her practice!

-Rene B.

Dear Dr. Sengelmann,

I wanted to express to you my sincerest appreciation for your skillful work on my nose. I am convinced God gave me the best surgeon for this job. I will be eternally grateful to you for your professional attitude to make my many hours surgery, far less stressful than I expected.

If I ever need more Mohs surgery, I am counting on you.
Most appreciative,

I have been seeing Dr. Sengelmann for a year for cosmetic procedures.  She is the best as far as I am concerned.  She loves her profession and it shows in her compassionate way of dealing with her patients.  She has a wonderful group of medical assistants that are there for you all the way, even if you have a question later on.  All in all, I cannot say enough about my experience.

-Patti I.

Dr. Sengelmann is at the forefront of a revolution. Aging will never look the same again. Her expertise, enthusiasm and kindness are more evidence of what I recognize as genius.

-A grateful, sixty five year old client. (Name withheld because I look so natural, vanity moves me to take all the credit.)

I have been a patient of Dr. Sengelmann since 2006. I first encountered this talented woman when she was giving an educational presentation regarding minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Her honesty and concern, which are her hallmarks, came through all the while she delivered the presentation. I had not had the courage to have any cosmetic procedure other than a facial or manicure! Her down to earth manner, made it easy to approach her and learn more. Subsequently, I made an appointment for my first experience with Botox and fillers. I am now a repeat patient!

While it can be daunting for a first timer, Dr. Sengelmann took the time and the effort to provide complete explanations, including any risks, as well as assess the best approach for me initially. Needless to say she has consistently spent the time necessary to answer my questions, provide options and suggestions, and her opinion - if you ask for it!

For me personally, I believe that not only does she have a steady hand and perceptive eye of which, the end results make me look good on the outside, yet she has a way of conveying such a personal interest and concern that I end up feeling good on the inside as well!

Dear Dr. Sengelmann
In one word you are incredible! Thank you for going out of your way to treat me. You exceeded my highest expectations (and they were high indeed). Thank you. With best wishes.
- T. M.

Dr. Sengelmann,

I just want to say thank you for a fantastic job... P.S. The entire staff there is awesome too. Put yourself in hands of the best when it comes to caring for your health and skin!

- Cynthia E.

Dear Roberta,
Thank you again very much for participating in our aesthetic seminar at Jules Stein. Your presentations are always excellent; the feedback from your presentations was uniformly positive. In the clarity and scientific content of your lectures, you are a role model for our fellows. 

Warmest personal regards,
Robert A. Goldberg, MD, FACS
Karen and Frank Dabby Professor of Ophthalmology
Chief, Orbital and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Division
Jules Stein Eye Institute

Dear Dr. Sengelmann

It was nice seeing you again. I want to thank you for working your magic on my scalp. Your work is remarkable. You're a true Mohs artist. Your staff is wonderful as always.

Dear Dr. Sengelmann,

With Thankgiving aproaching, I couldn't help thinking how grateful I am to have found my way to you for my lip (skin cancer) surgery and reconstruction. I have received many compliments from other doctors- as well as family and friends- on your work. Further, I personally never think of my lips as appearing any differently from before the surgery. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Dr. S,

Glad and sad I didn't get to see you again. I wanted to tell you in person what a well-oiled machine you have here- I am not surprised because it starts at the top! Your entire staff is terrific, warm, thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate. GREAT TEAM.


I went to Dr. Sengelman for basal cell cancer removal on my face. She is one of the best MOH's surgeons on the west coast. She was absolutely wonderful and I have NO scar! It was above my lip. Her bedside manner is fun, kind and compassionate. I was very impressed with the quality of care I received. 
The staff were phenomenal as well. Very nice and accommodating.

- Laura M.

The best! I have been seeing Dr. Sengelmann for almost 6 years now. Procedures have been liposuction, Botox, Juvederm fillers, Botox, fat transfer, Botox and most recently a mini face/ neck lift. She is an artist. What she does with Botox works miracles. Fat was harvested from my liposuction and transferred to my checks. That has lasted for years. The mini face/ neck lift was so awesome I only wish I would have done it sooner. I had to attend a sales meeting out of town 5 days after the procedure and no one even noticed the tiny stitches! One month later my hairdresser could not even find where the sutures had been - and he looked hard. He said he had never seen one that perfect - and he has seen lots! Dr Sengelmann can look at you and right away know what little tweak here or there can erase lines and years from your face. And she takes care of it right away in one quick visit.